Training & Skill Development

The growing Indian population with approximately 67 percent of it, by far is the majority of it living in rural India. The rural India which has immense potential thus, adds a prodigious value in the overall functioning of various sectors of our economy spread well across the domestic and international markets. It is the need of the hour to prep up the employment scenario within the national boundaries. For which, skill development is the priority with an emphasis on dedicated schemes for capacity building in rural India.

Our Government has launched well-established infrastructure exclusively for skill development, along with an exceptionally lucrative and productive set of policies, projects, and schemes. These schemes suggest empowerment of the Rural Youth; which is Rural India, Face Of The Future.

The projects such as Skill India, DDUGKY, PMKVY, NSDC amongst many others are a few brilliant examples of success in the Human Development sector in India aiding professional Skill and employment-oriented training to the BPL rural youth for creation of skilled labor force.

EHFMS is a huge supporter of Rural Youth empowerment projects in India, and with our existing expertise in the field of Training and Skill Development, we aim to achieve the highest number of successfully deployed projects.

Our philosophy is simple – Create, Educate, Polish and Disperse

With our experts on-board, we ensure each project undertaken has the best foot put forward. Our training centers are well equipped with the state-of-art-technology creating the most desired ambiance and surrounding; our highly experienced training professionals are instrumental in educating, developing and polishing the individuals; and lastly our fantastic placement assistance across industries such as:

  • Retail,
  • Electronics,
  • FMCG,
  • Hospitality,
  • Human Care (house help, maids, nursing attendants, ward boys, clinic assistants, etc.)

Each sector of placement has an industry expert on the training panel who helps our Rural India Youths to assess themselves, identify and attune their interests with that of the corresponding skill development programs we have to offer. Post which they are divided into batches and trained on soft skills, basics of the industry, etc.

The procedure followed is in tandem with the government identified rules and regulations, following which, every individual is on board through an intense assessment to understand their area of interest. The guidelines as framed by the government is strictly followed, on the basis of which the youth batches are trained and certified.

Through and through this process, we take pride in the quality and number of individuals we deploy by the end of every project. The standard of our quality and volume deployed speaks for itself. Our prior experience within the domestic placements and facility management sector adds an extra star to our business portfolio and also ensures efficient utilization of available human resources across the country.