About Us

With years of experience, EHFMS is an integrated facility management that provides holistic solutions and offers a broad range of services to the clients. We help our clients focus on core competencies by unleashing the power of outsourcing.

We have a team of 5,000 employees and spread across India. We are a one-stop solution to your Facilities Management requirements and our aim is to provide high-quality and precise services. At EHFMS, we deliver a broad range of self-performed services. Creating a customized, transparent and flexible solution by working in close tandem with the customers helps us meet the changing needs of the organization. With years of experience, we have perfected methodologies to deliver effective solutions of high standards to our clients.

We continually monitor our services and strive hard for improvements wherever possible through training and skill development, opportunities for personal growth, and implementation of management processes.

We work on an integrated model where we deliver services through a seamless integration of process, system, and people. We look forward to process development to improve the value delivered to our clients and the business performance. Each professional at EHFMS is committed to work ethos and contributes best to uphold the business goals.

Ajay Lohia is a known name in the field of facilities management, security solutions and manpower placement internationally. With an experience spanning 10+ years, Ajay runs a group of companies in India, Netherlands, UAE and Singapore, employing more than 5000+ employees. A rightful leader who has revolutionized the Facility Management solutions in India and beyond, Ajay is an active leader among the communities of Manpower, Hospitality and Facilities across Asia and the Middle East. From executing large Government projects to those of multinational firms and mentoring small businesses, Ajay is constantly on the move while the company EHFMS surges ahead as a global leader.